For all those pesky escapee needles

Love Poppet 3 magnetic needleminders

Whilst I design my cross stitch kits, I tend to end up doing most of stitching (lots of trial and error) in the evenings when we are all snuggled down watching some TV.

This has led my 12yr old daughter to dust off some old cross stitch kits of her own. You know the type of thing, the ones you buy for Chrimbo hoping they'll inspire her to forgo the lures of her ever-present iphone.

Anyway, she's started working her way through these kits but never seems to settle into it the same way that I would (once I get going I begrudge having to get up for anything, even to drink or go to the loo!).
Each time she wandered off for the odd minute or two, she'd come back only to realise she'd lost her needle in the process.

After a bit of fruitless hunting around. I'd Inevitably have to get up and help search for the misplaced needle before it was found in someone's foot.

Love Poppet Fox magnetic needle minder

So purely to help me have more relaxing evenings, I've created a set of magnetic needle minders based on my papercut designs and cross stitch kits. They are my dove, heart, squirrel and fox.

These are being released along with 4 new cross stitch kits which fit nicely into either 6 inch or 3 inch hoops.

Love Poppet 6 inch hoops

The new 6 inch kits are to bring some joy to your life. One is 'Hello Sunshine' and the other is 'Dream Big'.

Love Poppet 3 inch hoops

Then the new 3 inch kits were definitely made with my 12 yr old in mind. One is just simply 'Hi' and the other is 'Love You'. x

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