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For all those pesky escapee needles

Whilst I design my cross stitch kits, I tend to end up doing most of stitching (lots of trial and error) in the evenings when we are all snuggled down watching some TV. This has led my 12yr old daughter to dust off some old cross stitch kits of her own. You know the type of thing, the ones you buy for Chrimbo hoping they'll inspire her to forgo the lures of her ever-present iphone. Anyway, she's started working her way through these kits but never seems to settle into it the same way that I would (once I get going I begrudge having to get up for anything, even to drink or go to the loo!). Each time she...

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Cross my heart…

A slight departure from the papercutting, but it is very 'me'. I started creating the patterns last Summer, there is a LOT of stitching and re-stitching that goes into drawing up a pattern - I'm not sure I really appreciated that before. A few corrections and the odd colour change along the way and they came together nicely.

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New beginnings

My youngest is to move to her next school come September, and so we have to apply for which school she'd like within the next two weeks - she still seems too little! But in a way she seems ready to move on too. There's gonna be BIG changes ahead. It reminds me of this piece that I cut back in 2014.

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This is me …

Hi, I'm Claire Vincent. Pleased to meet you. I'm a Graphic Designer, Paper Engineer (as in Pop-up designer for publishers) and now maker/seller of Cards and Paper Gifts. Many years ago I started Love Poppet as a blog. I then went on to open an Etsy store, a Folksy store and then became a partner of Not On The High Street. Somehow along the way my blog was lost, but Love Poppet is still going strong. I have a big love for paper and card and all it can do. After struggling to find cards that interest me, I decided to create my own fun and unique range. I love the challenge to come up with beautiful designs that I...

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